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Last updated: 29 Feb 2024

Track your stats in League of Legends, Valorant, Fortnite, R6: Siege, Call of Duty Warzone, Battlefield 2042, Apex Legends, Destiny 2, Rocket League and Halo Infinite. Easily switch between games with the tap of a button. This stats tracker is the ideal companion to keep an eye on your performance.

Every game we support has great features that get to the core of player performance:

LEADERBOARDS: Track the top players by rank, K/D and more.
See who ranks among the best in the world. We rank players by the most valuable stats by default, but we offer a broad range of filters for each game. See who’s the best in your region. Valorant leaderboards can be filtered by region and episode.

MY PROFILE: Sign In to get a more personalized experience.
Sign in and you’ll receive a session report when you’ve finished playing. Session Reports offer insight into your performance over your recent matches and include helpful tips for improvement. R6: Siege profiles show stats summaries for every season including MMR.

OVERVIEW/SKILL RATING: View a summary of a player based on their recent matches.
Our overview pages include graphs and allow you to filter data by season, playlists, stats, characters and more. League of Legends shows detailed champion masteries, including LP gains and losses for specific champions, laning stats vs. opponents and more.

RECENT MATCHES: Track details about matches you’ve played recently.
Every game we support has a custom match details view that shows you valuable information about the matches we’ve tracked. Usually this includes a roster, post-match stats, player ratings, performance graphs and more. Valorant matches show a detailed breakdown of your team’s economy. Tap a player to view their profile.

FAVORITES: Save player profiles for easy access later.
Favorites can be saved for every game we support. They appear on the Favorites page, and when searching for players for quick access. The Favorites page makes it easy to compare yourself to friends and foes.

Every game we support brings something unique to the table. Below are some unique features you can find in our app.

League of Legends:
– Champion Tier Lists, Recommended Builds, Matchup Statistics, Ability Previews, Skins and Lore
– Live Match roster + ranks
– Match reports with damage and gold graphs, player ranks, and builds
– LP gains and losses over time in Solo and Flex queues
– Champion mastery details including LP changes for specific champions, best and worst matchups, and your “Laning @ 14 mins” stats, which are the same stats used to track pros’ performance

– View daily shop and get optional notifications when the shop updates
– Fortnite Events: track your team’s movements in tournaments in real time and view upcoming events in the calendar
– View Fortnite Tracker’s Power Rankings in the profile Events tab and see how your PR is improving over time
– Fortnite esports news

R6: Siege:
– View Operator insights: see the best attackers and defenders in the current meta
– Seasonal breakdowns of various stats including Max MMR, win rate and much more
– MMR history: View changes in your MMR by match as they happen
– Personal operator performance including K/D, win rate, headshot %, time played and more

– View detailed breakdowns of every lobby you play in including lobby K/D and stats for every player in the lobby

– Detailed match history and match reports with graphs and player comparisons
– View your top agents and track stats including win rate, time played, K/D and more

– Legend Insights: See what legends are dominating the current meta
– Personal legend performance: Track your performance for each legend you play

Rocket League:
– Detailed MMR tracking for every playlist
– Daily performance graphs and tracking
– View MMR changes per match

Destiny 2:
– Trials Lookup gives you a really great breakdown of Trials Fireteams
– Elo tracking for each match and every playlist


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– Added new Battlefield titles!
– New XP progress toaster
– Promoted Fortnite Shop to the main nav, Leaderboard is now available in the More menu
– Bug fixes and performance improvements

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