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Last updated: 27 Nov 2023

Kids UP provides exercises balancing the development of both right and left brain. Having a scientifically-based structure, applying proven methods of early education in the world, each exercise is particularly suited to the mentality as well as to each stage of the child’s development.

A lively, engaging design with huge knowledge base:
Over 500 vocabulary flashcards in many fields, over 90 types of interactive intellectual games, nearly 1000 lessons divided into three levels: easy, medium, advanced and available in multiple languages ​​(Vietnamese, American English and other languages)

● Easy to use
No need internet connection, children play and learn anywhere, anytime.

● Multi-platforms
The product is available on all popular operating systems.

● Be guided through each of the pre-designed lessons according to age.
Each lesson lasts from 5 to 7 minutes, starting with the introduction of the subject and vocabulary via flash-card, then the child will play and study the topic through the brain game.

● Practice with a fascinating intellectual games catalog.
Along with the lessons, kids can practice their favorite games on all topics.

The diverse list of over 90 types of interesting intellectual games will be a great tool to nurture and develop intelligence and thinking skills for children. For example: word finding, ball finding, jigsaw puzzle, rule finding, finding the differences, picture drawing etc.

Over 50 compelling intellectual games. Fascinating visuals designed by experts. The standard American English teacher’s voices were recorded at the professional studio.

● Benefits for children
◦ Brain stimulation: Kids UP uses flash card, snapshot to stimulates the connection between synapses in the brain, enhances intelligence for children
◦ Vast amount of knowledge absorption: A wide range of knowlegde, from alphabet recognition, to various informaiton about the world or mathermatics knowledge (counts, calculations, geometry …) will be brought to the child most vividly.
◦ Language development: Develop the mother tongue when choosing a Vietnamese language, or enhance their foreign language ability when choosing English or other languages. Children learn vocabulary by subject and will be naturally engraved by playing intellectual games.
◦ Thinking skills development: Children’s thinking skills will be trained and developed through logical games such as finding rules, finding directions etc. At the same time, the memory and imagination skills are also constantly improved.
◦ Music perception: Help children get acquainted with sounds in the natural world, learning about basic music note
◦ Dexterity enhancement: The children will use his hands to play with path finding and picture drawing exercises


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