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Last updated: 11 Nov 2023

MoneyNote is a simple household account book app.
When you enter expense or income on the easy-to-see input screen, it automatically creates calendars and reports. It is easy to grasp the household’s expense management.

▼ Features

1. Simple and Easy!
2. No registration
3. All functions without In-App-purchase
4. You can also enter from the calendar
5. Month / Year / Cumulative report included
6. You can create your own categories
7. Setting fixed income and expense
8. Themed color of 20 colors and 25 app icons
9. Supports backup & CSV output
10. Passcode lock (also Face ID & Touch ID)

▼ Explanation of each function

◆ Input
Tap the category button easy to push and enter the amount of money.
The keyboard has a nice calculator.
It is easy to see with a large number, easy to use button easy to push.
There is also a convenient automatic input mode so that you can input consecutive receipts collectively and continuously.

◆ Calendar
You can easily comprehend the income and expenditure situation on the calendar.
You can also start from the payday because you can change the start day of the week and the beginning and closing dates of the month.
Since you can also input and delete from the calendar, you can also enter receipt etc. together at once.
Since savings and initial balance can be set, carry forward display and cumulative asset and monetary amount can be displayed.

◆ Report
We can chart the monthly income and expenditure as a pie chart and grasp the balance of income and expenditure.
Because you can check the proportion of expenditure and each data for each category, you can see unnecessary expenses or household waste if it is surprising.

◆ Backup · CSV output
The input data can be output as CSV Excel data.
Since this data can also be saved as a backup, you can use the household account book as it is by loading even a new terminal when changing the model of iPhone or iPad.
Also, you can also use the output CSV data on a personal computer, so you can set the category as an account item and use it for final return declaration · blue · white declaration.

◆ Theme color
You can change the theme color of the application.
You can customize it according to your favorite color such as cute pink or chic dark blue.
You can also change the icon of the application according to the theme color.
You can change the theme color to be changed to 20 colors or more, and the icon to 20 designs or more.

◆ Passcode lock
By setting the secret code number, you can lock the browsing of important household account books.
It also supports the latest features of iPhone X such as Touch ID and Face ID.
Of course, these functions can be used for free in other applications as well.

A simple housekeeping book application MoneyNote is a simple new standard household account book made so that anyone can use it. Unlike complicated applications that carry many popular functions, such as receipt shooting and reading every time, it is a provision made easy to understand so that anyone can use the minimum necessary convenience functions. Please download it and try it!


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