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Last updated: 17 Nov 2023

Egypt awakens, chaos awaits.
▶Welcome a New Civilization to Rise of Kingdoms: Egypt! ◀
Egypt, one of the most powerful and stylish civilizations in the world’s history joins the fray in Rise of Kingdoms:
THE EGYPTIANS—Powerful, intelligent, strategic, and undoubtedly sophisticated, well known for their amazing craftsmanship ranging from the great pyramids and statues to innovative weapons and technology. How will you fare with so many new resources available to you?
How will you rule Egypt? Will you allow it to fall to the Romans or will you continue the great civilization’s reign until the end of times under Cleopatra’s dutiful leadership? This time, you decide Egypt’s fate!


13 Unique Civilizations
Choose one of 13 historical civilizations and guide your empire from a lone clan into a great, unstoppable force! Each civilization has its own architecture, unique units, and special advantages — how you use them to your benefit is up to you!
Put your governing skills to the test with the Egyptian civilization; fight together with Cleopatra and her armies, Thutmose III, Imhotep, and other great commanders to conquer the sands and start your own centuries-spanning adventure!

Real-Time Battles
Battles happen in real time on the map. Anyone can join or leave a battle at any time, allowing true RTS gameplay. See an ally being attacked right in your backyard? Send some troops to help your buddy out, or launch a surprise counterattack on the attacker’s city.

Seamless World Map
All in-game action takes place on a single, enormous map inhabited by players and NPCs. No isolated bases or separate battle screens. Never before seen on mobile “infinite zoom” allows you to transition freely between the world view and individual cities or barbarian outposts. Map features include natural obstructions such as rivers and mountain ranges and strategic passes that must be captured to gain entrance to neighboring regions.

Exploration & Investigation
Your world is covered in thick fog. Dispatch scouts to explore this mysterious land and uncover the hidden treasure within.
Investigate lost temples, barbarian fortresses, mysterious caves, and tribal villages, gather intelligence on your enemies, and prepare yourself for the ultimate battle!

Unrestricted Troop Movements
New orders can be issued to troops at any time, offering limitless strategic possibilities. Launch an attack on an enemy city, then circle back and meet up with your alliance army to capture a pass.
Dispatch troops to collect lumber from a nearby forest and have them pick off a few barbarian clans along the way. Forces can also be split up between multiple commanders so that you can engage in multiple actions simultaneously.

Alliance System
Full alliance features allow players to help one another: live chat with built-in translation, officer roles, map indicators to coordinate strategies, and more! Alliances can expand their territory to gain resources, capture mountain passes and barbarian outposts to strengthen their position, and work together to unlock group achievements.

Conquer the Kingdom
Fight alongside your alliance to take control of this vast kingdom. Clash with other players and use superior tactics to emerge victorious in a MMO strategy battle royale. Rise to the top and you and your civilization will be written down in your kingdom’s history!

RPG Commanders
Call upon dozens of historical figures who will serve as your trustworthy commanders, from Julius Caesar and Sun Tzu to Joan of Arc and Kusunoki Masashige. Level up your commanders by defeating barbarians and sending them into battles, then upgrade their abilities using an RPG style talent tree and skill system.

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1. Thanksgiving Event Series
The fields have been harvested and the feast tables have started to fill up. Thanksgiving has arrived once more! Join us as we celebrate the holidays with a series of events:
1) Thanksgiving Feast: Prepare a hearty Thanksgiving meal and level up your feast!
2) A Cordial Invitation: Take part in a Thanksgiving feast with your alliance! Level up your Thanksgiving Feast to earn extra rewards.
3) Esmeralda’s Prayer: We never know when the wheel of life will stop turning. Maybe your luck can change?
4) Esmeralda’s Collection: Try your luck to win some of Esmeralda’s riches.
5) War of the Ruins: Contend for an age-old battlefield in search of missing treasure.

2. New Season of Conquest Story “Tides of War” Pioneer Event Coming Soon
New features in this story:
1) Tides: In Tides of War, the Lost Kingdom will cycle through phases known as “Tides”. Each Tide will last for 4 days and have its own unique mechanics.
2) Tide Effects: Each Tide has its own mechanics, which will affect all governors in the Lost Kingdom. Plan your strategy ahead of time to get the most out of each Tide.
3) Personal Directives: During each Tide, you can choose one of 4 Personal Directives to issue, which will provide you with a unique buff for the rest of the Tide.
4) Alliance Directives: Your alliance leader and officers will also be able to issue Alliance Directives, with 2-3 unique Directives per Tide. Alliance Directives will affect all members of your alliance and help shape your strategic direction.
5) Alliance Merit Shop: During this story, killing or severely wounding other governors’ units will earn you Merits. Merits can be used in the Alliance Merit Shop to redeem alliance supplies. Alliance supplies can be restocked by gathering resources and defeating Barbarian Patrols during certain Tides.

3. Commander Skill Description Rework
In this version, we’ve rewritten and optimized the descriptions for virtually every commander skill. Note that we have NOT changed the actual effects of any of these skills. Below are some specific changes we made:
1) The term “normal attack damage” has been replaced with “normal damage” and the term “normal attack” has been replaced by “basic attack”.
– The previous term “normal attack damage” has always included damage dealt by BOTH normal attacks and counterattacks, and we felt that this term did not clearly express this idea.
2) For all commander skills, we have worked to eliminate ambiguities, more clearly define targets/scopes, improve readability, and unify/optimize terminology. This includes things like clarifying skill conditions/triggers, more clearly stating cooldown times/durations, breaking skills into more readable chunks, etc.
3) As previously stated, these changes are purely textual and have no effect on the actual effects of these skills.

4. “Siege of Orléans” Season of Conquest Story Optimization
1) Added text to the auxiliary skills interface to more clearly show when in the Lost Kingdoms Chronicles each commander is unlocked.
2) Certain skills that had no effect when equipped as auxiliary skills can no longer be equipped as auxiliary skills.
3) Increased the Writ cap to 10000.
4) Optimized Motte performance and made them more recognizable on the map.
5) Added Pyrrhus and Pericles to the list of auxiliary commanders.
Items 1-4 will apply to all Lost Kingdoms in the Siege of Orléans story immediately after the update. Item 5 will only apply to Lost Kingdoms that begin after the update.

5. PC Version Improvements
1) Added shortcut keys to Scenario Battles, mainly used for the Ceroli event series, Ian’s Ballads, and Champions of Olympia.
2) Optimized text input.
3) Optimized the performance of certain videos and interfaces.
4) Fixed an issue where logging in via Google was sometimes blocked.
1. Anniversary events are launching soon!
– Sign-In Spoils: Log in for 7 days to gain legendary commanders and other great rewards!
– RoK Yearbook: Look back on your journey in 2022–2023. We’re so happy to have you with us!
– Let There Be Moonlight: Collect Lunar Lanterns and exchange them for limited-time rewards!
– Barbarian Incursions: Complete incursions to recover the Commerce Council’s cargo!
– Sharp Eyes & Quick Hands: Put your hand speed to the test with new jigsaw puzzles.
– Arms Training: Armsmaster Lohar throws down the gauntlet again!
– Desert Tracks: Escort a caravan carrying rare treasures and embark upon the path to the Great Moon Festival!
– Circus of Wonders: Behold the incredible circus and win prizes from the Amazing Parrot Brothers Goldayne and Fogsworth!
– Zenith of Power: Gain power to win a brand-new city theme!
– Collab Project: In collaboration with the Shaanxi History Museum, we bring you an all-new decoration: Tiger Tally!
– Gem Rush: The light of dawn illuminates the path forward. Make purchases to get gifts! (Only available in regions where all kingdoms have existed for at least 21 days and have yet not entered Season 2 or its offseason.)
– Epic Glory: The tale of glory continues. Make purchases to get gifts! (Only available in regions that have already entered Season 2 or later.)
*See the Event Calendar for a detailed schedule. The available events and rewards will differ depending on the current season and age of each kingdom. Please refer to your kingdom’s Event Calendar for details.

2. Osiris League Grand Finals Starting Soon!
The sound of battle has returned once again to these windswept sands! The Osiris League Grand Finals have begun. Who shall earn the champion’s trophy? We invite you to feast your eyes on this mighty competition!

3. Alliance Management Improvements
1.) Added a new blocklist/passlist feature for alliance members. Governors on an alliance’s blocklist cannot apply to join the alliance, and governors on the alliance’s passlist will be automatically accepted if they apply.
2.) In the Lost Kingdom, alliance leaders, officers, and captains will be able to kick out troops that are in alliance rallies, constructing alliance buildings, or garrisoned in alliance buildings.

4. Season of Conquest Improvements
1.) Added previews to story registration. You can now view the status of the next story you’re registered for.
2.) Added a feature to allow you to mark kingdoms as “hostile” during story registration. If a hostile kingdom is matched into the same Lost Kingdom as yours, the system will try not to place them in the same camp as you.
3.) Added a new King Skill: Banish. Use this skill to banish a governor in your kingdom, teleporting their city to a random location in the upper-left province of your kingdom. If the target province has no space, they will be teleported to the next outermost province.

5. PC Version Improvements
1.) Added Champions of Olympia, Ark of Osiris, and Lost Kingdom standings to profile pages.
2.) Improved the appearance of some elements of the Store interface.

6. Other Improvements
1.) Improved the usability of ranged mode for troops using the V formation:
– Troops using the V formation will be able to switch to ranged mode when on any open, empty terrain (including outside of friendly territory).
– Reduced the time required for troops to switch into and out of ranged mode.
– Added a feature to prevent losing formation when switching modes.
– When dragging a troop using the V formation to attack an enemy troop, the V formation troop will automatically select a suitable position to switch into ranged mode.
2.) Added many new achievements and achievement rewards.
3.) Adjusted the text for some armament effects in battle reports.
4.) Added a secondary confirmation when a garrison’s captain exits the garrison.
5.) Added alliance territory and name displays to the Bastion and Resource categories of the minimap.
1. Champions of Olympia Optimizations
1) Overall Adjustments:
– New Modes: Champions of Olympia has been divided into two modes: “Unranked” and “Team Ranked”.
– Opening Time: This event will begin every Saturday and will last for 2 days.
– Division Adjustments: Kingdoms in Season 3 of the Lost Kingdom will now be assigned to the Odyssey Division.
– Formation Buffs: Formation and armament buffs will now take effect in the Odyssey Division.
– Activity Point Adjustments: Adjusted Activity point rewards and greatly reduced the number of Activity points needed to claim rewards.
– Matchmaking Adjustments: Adjusted matchmaking criteria to better reflect actual governor power.
– Skill Adjustments: Optimized skill descriptions and adjusted the effects of several skills, such as Shock and Awe, Counteroffensive, Vengeful Strike, Inspiring Ballad, Preemptive Strike, etc.
2) About Team Ranked Mode:
– Member Limit: You must form a team of 5 to take part in Team Ranked mode.
– Event Time: This mode is only available on weekends while the Season is ongoing.
– Earning Stars: Your first 3 wins of the week will each earn you an extra star, but winning 3 times in a row will no longer earn you an extra star.
– Season Challenges: Added Season-long challenge quests, removed the Olympia Token and store system (unused Olympia Tokens will be converted at a later date).
– League Adjustments: Changed the names of some leagues, optimized the artwork of each league. The transfer of leagues between Seasons has remained unchanged.

2. Lost Kingdom Adjustments
1) Added the Season Retrospect feature. At the end of a story, you will be able to review your performance that Season and some relevant statistics.
2) “King of the Nile” Season of Conquest story optimization:
– Team System: Changed the number of members in each kingdom team. A and B-class kingdoms will be formed into teams of 6 (instead of 4), C and D-class kingdoms will be formed into teams of 9 (instead of 6).
– Lost Kingdom: Adjusted the size of some provinces and the location of certain provinces and Passes. Expanded the size of combat provinces. In addition, before the opening of the Heliopolis in the King’s Land, some Passes will be unsealed so that allies can help support the war effort.
– Chronicles: Adjusted the start time of certain Chronicles to increase the pace/intensity of combat.
– Crusader Achievements: Adjusted the requirements of the Crusader Achievement “All-Conquering IV”.
3) “Siege of Orléans” Season of Conquest story optimization:
– Adjusted the Lost Kingdom map, icons, and buildings. Optimized the story’s main page.
4) “Warriors Unbound” Season of Conquest story optimization:
– Adjusted the restrictions on Alliance Fortresses. Now, when building Alliance Fortresses outside of your starting province, they must be built in areas bordering a Holy Site or Pass (you do not need to capture the Holy Site/Pass).
5) Added the city theme “St. Peter’s Basilica” to the Season of Conquest Combat Shop.

3. Autarch/Vindicator Tavern Adjustments
1) Added a new Aspirant Tavern, which will be open to all governors. Those who received an Autarch or Vindicator reward will be able to access the Autarch or Vindicator Tavern.
2) Adjusted the opening time of the Autarch/Vindicator/Aspirant Taverns. The Taverns will now open at the start of the Lost Kingdom Season and remain open for 3 days.
3) The Taverns will not be opened during your kingdom’s first Season of Conquest.

4. Other Changes

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