DSDownload Station

Thomas Le gravier
Last updated: 23 Nov 2023

DSDownload Station is an unofficial mobile client for managing and monitoring download tasks on your Synology’s Download Station (DSM 6.0+, DSM 7.0+ full support).
Totally safe, your login credentials are fully encrypted & never sent! All your information stay on your device!
No tracking, no spam, no publicity.

Key Features:
‧ Secure login with encryption
‧ QuickConnect support (local & distant network)
‧ Host/IP and custom DDNs login (SSL & 2FA support)
‧ Safe Keychain storage of your login & password
‧ Protect your session and your favorites with Face ID
‧ New widgets! Follow your tasks activity, VPN status or monitor your storage
‧ Notifications on task completion, VPN status changes or storage updates
‧ Manage multiple NAS & accounts in your favorites
‧ Monitor your download task list
‧ View details of your download tasks
‧ Manage download tasks (pause, resume, delete, clear completed and more)
‧ Filter download tasks by all, downloading, completed and many more options
‧ Add one or more download tasks by enter or pasting supported URLs
‧ Add one or more download tasks by files
‧ Add a download task by pressing a link in Safari
‧ Start a task using the native share option
‧ Select files when task adding
‧ Search and add tasks provided by your search modules
‧ Add your favorite websites and start your tasks easily in the custom embed browser
‧ Manage your RSS feeds (add, edit, delete and more)
‧ Add tasks directly from your RSS feeds results
‧ Manage application & NAS settings
‧ Monitor your NAS storage usage status
‧ Check your VPN profile status
‧ Official Download Station API support from DSM 6.0 and up (DSM 7.0+ full support)
‧ Full dark mode compatible

Some features are included in an annual subscription with a free trial. You can also choose a lifetime purchase and contribute to the development of the project!

Any suggestion or feature request for the app? Email me at [email protected]!

DSDownload is the result of the hard work of a passionate community of Synology users, many other features and improvements will come.

DSDownload Station is not affiliate to Synology Inc.
Terms of use: http://thomaslegravier.fr/dsdownload/terms.html


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Small fixes:
• Fix widgets UI on iOS 17.
• Update app name to DSLoad Station.

Favorite folders & improvements:
• Brand new favorites folder view. You can now mark as favorite your folders to improve your add task flow!
• Add a search history list. You can customize it from the application settings.
• Add a new search filter exclude by terms option.
• Add task list sorting option by progress (eta) and remaining time.
• Add error details on task status.
• Add drop file support to add new tasks.
• Hide VPN indicator and admin settings for non admin account.
• Improve browser file support detection.
• Fix IPV6 QuickConnect direct interface & 2FA device id request.
• Fix QuickConnect process on multiple global quick call fallbacks.
• Fix the wrong task speed unit format.
• Fix broken profile image on SSL issue.
• Fix crash on add browser favorite.

Thank you for your support and don’t hesitate to contact me at [email protected]!

Small fixes:
• Fix add task with source file from the share extension.

Back in town!
• New session management! You will no longer be disconnected. Your session will be preserved even on temporary disconnection.
• Major stability improvements on tasks import & refresh.
• Add profile image & system infos in application settings.
• Add multivolume support in application settings.
• Fix critical app size on MacOS.
• Show files in task details for other status.
• Add new browser URL format support.
• Fix browser authentication challenge.
• Fix RSS source type URL support.
• Fix session no network persistent status.

Thank you for your support and don’t hesitate to contact me at [email protected]!

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