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Last updated: 16 Dec 2023

MadMuscles is a fitness app designed to help people gain muscle, lose weight, look hot and feel incredible. We make workouts accessible, effective and joyful by creating personalized workout plans tailored to each user’s needs and desires. No more excuses. It’s time to get the mad muscles you’ve always wanted!

What makes MadMuscles effective?

• Static and dynamic workouts for the best results
Our workouts are designed for people with different fitness levels, lifestyles and goals: gain muscle, lose weight or get shredded. MadMuscles helps to work on different parts of the body – from stronger arms to toned legs, no muscle group is left behind. You can choose whether you want to workout at home or go to the gym – we’ve got you covered either way.

• Video tutorials
Don’t worry if you don’t know how to do a certain exercise – our high-quality professional video tutorials will show exactly how it’s done.

• Exercise swap
Don’t like the exercise in your workout plan? Swap it with the one you actually like. The app will choose an exercise for the same muscle group and of the same difficulty.

• Achievements
Get rewarded for your hard work. Achievements will make working out fun and will keep you motivated.

• Sync with Apple health
Sync MadMuscles with Apple health for better results.

• Useful and fun challenges
Make your body hot and your mind sharp. Develop healthy habits and discipline by trying our numerous challenges. You’ll never experience lack of motivation again – MadMuscles will not let you give up!

• Personalized meal plans
Nutrition is a key element in any body transformation process. Our meal plans are adjusted to your preferences and restrictions, with easy and quick recipes and a shopping list that will make cooking healthy and delicious meals easier.

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We’ve fixed some bugs to keep the app running like clockwork. Thank you for using MadMuscles!

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