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Last updated: 01 Oct 2023

Superlingo, as the world’s leading language learning app, was created by a team with over 20 years of teaching experience. Based on exclusive AI algorithm, the well-designed English and Chinese courses are waiting for you to experience!

The best languages learning approaches integrated in 1 super app!
Developed with AI technology.
Spaced repetition: Remember effortlessly
Illustrative videos: Conceptualize quickly
Thematic lessons: Understand the context
Complete fluency: Speak, read, write, and listen.
Gamified lessons: Enjoy learning
Offline mode: Free from network restrictions

For starter learners, we have a special unit with the basics of the language, where you can learn the pronunciation, basic grammar construction, etc.

Super Lingo uses the most advanced AI technology to adapt to your study style. The lessons are created and selected from a wide range of themes and situations from the real life, curated and presented to have continuity.

Level test.
Know your exact language level with the level test. Personalize your learning and start your path to fluency.
Voice recognition.
Speak like a native, pronounce the words correctly and learn its meaning with daily life conversations and get an exact score of your pronunciation.
Creative Dialogue Challenge.
Test your knowledge in the challenge, put in practice the vocabulary and grammar that you have learn in the dialogue challenge.
Learn essential vocabulary with TV shows, movies, and mind maps to help you grasp high-frequency words efficiently
Immersive learning.
The immersive learning experience with exclusive original language-learning script.
The dialogue-based learning takes you into the scenes where you can learn authentic expressions with surprising plots
Combining authoritative language systems (CEFR & GSE) to build your grammar system step by step and to help you use your grammar skills in daily communication
Training Modes
17 training modes and nearly 100 different combinations to help you consolidate your language skills and fill up your skill tree!
Quality content.
Learn at your own pace, each lesson can be completed in a short time. Keep your streak and get surprises.

Learn until the end with Super Lingo
Speed up your path to fluency.
– Essential vocabulary videos with scenes of movies and series.
– Systematic learning from beginner to professional
– Dialogue challenge
– Voice recognition
– Grammar system constructed combining authoritative language systems (CEFR & GSE)
– Constant content update
– Voice recognition with exact score
– 17 different types of question exercises
– Review recommendation based in scientific data
– Voice recording with real people
– 100+ more real-life topics

We offer six types of subscription:
SuperLingo Monthly Subscription: CNY98
SuperLingo Yearly Subscription VIP: CNY288
SuperLingo Yearly Subscription VIP+: CNY388
SuperLingo Yearly Subscription VIP Pro: CNY488
SuperLingo Yearly Subscription VIP Pro+: CNY588
SuperLingo Lifetime VIP: CNY 998

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1. Translation function added to more question types to help you study.
2. Optimised the user experience and fixed some tiny bugs

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