Beach Bandit: Anti Theft Alarm

Matthew Kyprianou
Last updated: 05 Oct 2023

Beach Bandit – Phone Security Alarm is a simple, but powerful method to deter theft when you leave your phone without supervision during vacation, work, going to sleep, or any other situations!

Now you don’t need to worry about leaving your phone when you’re off swimming on the beach, leaving your desk, or charging your phone.

Beach Bandit – Phone Security Alarm will vibrate and sound the alarm to scare off bandits and thieves from taking your phone. Aside from the scary voices, it will also show a daunting lock screen to further deter the thief. Activate the alarm before you leave your device to protect your iOS devices now!

How does Beach Bandit – Phone Security Alarm works? When you activate this anti – theft, “don’t touch my phone” alarm, Beach Bandit – Phone Security Alarm will detect if your phone is moved using the built in motion sensor in your iOS device. It will sound out the alarm to alert you or everyone arounds you. The vibration and the loud startling alarm will surprise the thief and make him drops your phone and run. The alarm will be deactivated if that person knows the PIN code.


Protect your iOS devices from theft.
Simple, user friendly interface.
Using your device’s motion sensor to detect movement.
Alert with ringtones and vibrate functions (depend on your Alarm setting).
Deactivate alarm using PIN code.
Very simple to use but very effective.
Additional SMS alerts
Pair with smart watches for extra security.
Various choice of funny & startling voices for alarm.
Adjustable settings for sensor sensitivity, delay time, & loudness.

Where to use Beach Bandits:
– Beach or swimming pool
– Hostel
– Gym
– Work
– Sports hall
– Public charger
– And many other places!

Note for SMS Alert & Notification option:
1. You need to pair your iOS device with smart watches or additional phone. Our app works on Apple Watch, Fitbit Garmin, Galaxy Fit and other smart watches that can be paired with IOS devices.
2. For Apple Watch, please turn off Wrist Detection in setting when using Beach Bandit.
3. Please be mindful of the distance, water resistant ability of each smart watches, that may affect the connection quality.
4. The time where we send the SMS alert to receiving it depends on your network provider.
5. We suggest you try and test this function before relying it for alert in real situation.

Don’t touch My Phone Security Alarm!
Beach Bandit is a strong deterrent to any bandit, when the phone detects any motion a frightening voice alarm will activate along with its daunting lock screen.

Motion Detector Theft Alert App
Warn others and set don’t touch my phone security alarm on your device. As one of the best security apps, this theft security app offers you complete peace of mind. The motion detector used in this deterrent alarm sets it apart from all other security apps.
All you need to do is simply enable the security alarm on your device and place your phone on a flat surface. If someone touches your phone, the theft alert will start to blare and inform you!

Set a don’t touch my phone alarm on your device and ensure theft alert security from bandits and potential phone thieves.

We provide comprehensive information about how to use Beach Bandit when you install our app. You can also try it out before you leave your phone.

Please also note that Beach Bandit functions as theft alarm only. We don’t provide tracking function at this time. However, you can use Find My Phone feature to find your lost device.

We need your support to spread the word about Beach Bandit! Please invite your friends and family to use Beach Bandit to prevent theft and protect your iOS devices with this “don’t touch my phone” app.

Don’t forget to leave a rating and review of Beach Bandit – Phone Security Alarm on our Appstore page now!


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