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Last updated: 09 Feb 2024

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Work wherever and whenever you want without compromise, with Affinity Publisher 2 for iPad. A desktop-grade page layout and design app that allows you to create on the go, it has everything you need to produce stunning brochures, posters, portfolios, magazines and much more.

• Fully integrated and optimized iPad gesture controls to speed up your workflow
• Command controller hosting on-screen modifiers
• Quick Menu for context-sensitive access to commands
• Context bar for all tools
• Sliders for various attributes
• Zoom to fit/zoom to previous, snapping and preview mode options
• Metal accelerated to achieve blazing-fast performance, even when editing large images
• Sensitive to pressure, tilt and angle, the app harnesses the full power and precision of Apple Pencil
• Full iCloud drive integration allows for seamless file management, storage and sharing
• External display support with separate configuration options

• Facing page spreads
• Live master pages
• Advanced guides, grids and snapping
• Tables and custom table formats
• Wrap text around any object or image
• Create text frames of any shape
• Link multiple text frames together across your document
• Footnotes, sidenotes, and endnotes

• Full control over character and paragraph styles
• Comprehensive OpenType support
• Flow text along any path
• Advanced flow options and hyphenation

• Link or embed images in your document
• Place PSD, AI, PDF, JPG, TIFF, PNG, DWG, or Affinity files
• Correct and enhance images with non-destructive adjustment layers
• Precision engineered pen and node tools for creating vector curves and shapes
• Boolean operations to add, subtract, combine, and divide shapes

• Section manager to organize your documents
• Savable undo history with alternate futures
• Smart master pages
• Automatically generate indexes and table of contents
• Manage and create anchors
• Save documents as template files to re-use time and time again
• Collate your document alongside all used image and font resources into a folder using the Package feature
• PDF passthrough
• Autoflow of multiple images and multi-page PDFs

• IDML & XLSX import
• Layer visibility override for placed linked files (PDF/DWG/DXF/PSD and Affinity files)
• Place linked web images using URLs
• Dropbox API integration to retain placed resource linkage across multiple devices
• AutoCAD DWG/DXF import, place, and edit (maintaining layer structure and scaling)

• End-to-end CMYK, PANTONE© and spot color
• Live preflight checking
• PDF/X-1a, PDF/X-3, PDF/X-4 output for professional print

• Instantly switch to the advanced photo editing features of Affinity Photo and precise vector tools of Affinity Designer without leaving Affinity Publisher with StudioLink
• The most fluid workflow ever conceived in a creative suite of applications


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Always evolving, always improving – Affinity Publisher 2.2 includes many new features, fixes, and improvements. Here’s what’s new in the award-winning app’s latest free update:

• Cross-references
-Use a paragraph, anchor or index mark as a cross-reference’s target
-Phrase cross-reference text as you wish, including subfields that automatically describe targets, e.g. their page
-Save cross-reference phrasings as presets for reuse in multiple documents
-Limit quoted text by number of words or occurrence of a character
-Automatically hyperlink cross-references to their targets when exporting interactive PDFs
• Define custom text variables as fields – this allows you to add new fields and assign whatever value to them you wish
• Option + click new layer now adds all items in your current selection to that new layer
• ‘Hide effects’ and ‘greyscale’ view mode options – you can toggle-on these new view modes using the buttons next to the View Mode options in the navigator
• Guides can now be changed to any color
• Long press tool shortcuts – holding onto any tool shortcut will now just put you in that tool temporarily until you release, at which point you will return to your previous tool
• Customizable date & time formats
• Open all supported image formats in all Personas
• ‘Find and Replace’ now includes scope and result count
• Option to go to previously viewed spread
• Additional options to provide increased control over the presentation of index entries – these include After Topic, Between Items, Between Ranges, Before References, After References, and After See (Also); commonly used special characters can also be easily inserted into your custom separator text
• Decimal place accuracy preferences
• ‘Prefer to keep selection’ preference

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