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Last updated: 16 Oct 2023

-Simply Categorize All Expenses with Tags-

*When adding expenses, customize tags of different dimensional types, and add multiple preset tags to define an expense.
*Set a monthly budget, check the remaining days and budget of the month, to help control spending.
*Tags can be grouped and displayed to view the expenditure status and chart of custom tag combinations, which helps to control specific categories of expenses.
*iCloud automatic backup
*Sync data between devices
*No limit to the number of tags and tag combinations
*Supports unlocking app with face or fingerprint recognition
*Change backgrounds
*Quickly add frequently used tag combinations
*CSV import


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Version 1.60 Update Overview

Payment Method Adjustment: We have reevaluated our revenue model and have now adopted a one-time purchase. With a single purchase, you can enjoy all the features and future updates, eliminating the need for in-app purchases to unlock additional functionality.

Interface and Interaction Optimization: We have once again made extensive optimizations and modifications to the user interface to provide a smoother, more aesthetically pleasing, and intuitive app experience. Now, you can easily find and use the features you need. The functionality of label grouping has also been strengthened.

New Widgets: We have introduced two brand-new widgets that display today’s and this month’s expenses in a clearer and more concise manner.

UX Enhancement: We have improved the functionality for quickly adding commonly used combination labels when recording expenses, making it quicker and easier to log your expenses and transactions.

CSV Import: We have introduced a brand-new feature that allows you to import expense and grouping data via CSV file format, making data management even more convenient.

Multi-Platform Sync and iCloud Backup Optimization: We have optimized the functionality and logic for multi-platform synchronization and iCloud backups to ensure your data is synchronized and securely backed up anytime, anywhere.

We have also made various detail-oriented improvements to enhance overall performance and usability.

We sincerely appreciate your continued support and feedback. Your feedback is what drives us to continually improve. We look forward to you experiencing the latest version. If you encounter any issues, have suggestions, or wish to provide feedback while using the app, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for your trust and support. Wishing you health and happiness!

Warmest regards,
Lazy Planet Studio

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