Boxing Timer Pro Round Timer

Last updated: 30 Sep 2023

A professional fully configurable boxing round timer for iOS. Designed for training in any round sport such as boxing martial arts, wrestling, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), Muay Thai, or for any other round timer needs.

The built-in Workout DJ can automatically play selected music every time you workout. External display support allows you to use from a large distance on your large screens.

• Fully configurable sounds & times
• Beautiful interface with large time display
• Set times & sounds for preparation, round, warning, and rest
• Color indication of phase
• Blinking to alert warning
• screen stays on automatically
• Works with screen on, or off
• Portrait & landscape support
• Set sound volume and vibration (iPhone)
• Pause and resume session

• Runs on iPhone + iPad
• Airplay to external display for full-screen gym timer
• Multitasking support
• Start and change music automatically with Workout DJ
• Programmable Presets
• 9 Authentic sounds/bells

USES FOR THIS iOS iPhone & iPad APP:
• Boxing Timer
• Round Timer
• Interval Timer
• Countdown clock
• Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)
• Muay Thai
• Kickboxing
• Wrestling
• Personal Boxing Training Timer
• Gym Timer

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Boxing Timer Pro has been updated with some important bug fixes and performance improvements. As a result of these updates, users can now enjoy an even smoother experience when using the app. Additionally, we’re happy to inform you that after trying out Boxing Timer Pro for free, users can now opt to purchase a subscription to unlock all its features. Thank you for choosing Boxing Timer Pro!

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