Dehancer: Color Grading

Dehancer LLC
Last updated: 28 Oct 2023

Elevate your photos and videos with our analog tools for a film-like aesthetic:

• Film Profiles: Choose from 60+ accurate film profiles, including classics like Kodak Vision, Kodak Portra 400, Cinestill 800T, and more. Explore vintage options like Ambrotype.
• Presets: Instantly recreate retro film vibes with handcrafted presets. Craft your own and share them effortlessly.
• Film Grain: Our unique algorithm creates customizable film-like grain, adding authenticity to your visuals.
• Print Tools: Combine films with print profiles for authentic analog images. Customize characteristics like contrast and photo latitude.
• Film Compression: Adjust highlights to mimic the compressed tonal range of film. Emulate the analog appearance and have editing flexibility.
• Halation: Reproduce the film’s red-orange halo effect around light sources and edges, enhancing the appeal and natural tones.
• Bloom: Add warmth and vintage glow resembling optical filters. Dehancer accurately replicates the real physics of light and simulates the Bloom effect in the most analogous way.
• Vignette: Add depth and focus using vignetting.
• Film Breath & Gate Weave: Dynamic animated effects for video, simulating real film-like shifts between frames.

…plus a touch of alchemy, of course.

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