Combo Koala – Battle Checkers

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Last updated: 02 Apr 2024

A SMOL Puzzle Adventure of Offline Strategy and Checkers-Style Action

Experience a unique and exciting SMOL puzzle game with Combo Koala!
In this offline adventure, you’ll use your wits and strategy to battle deadly enemy ninjas using a checkers-style gameplay system. String together epic combos and special moves to slice and slash your way through hordes of enemies.
With a variety of different enemies, each with their own unique attacks, you’ll need to think on your feet and use different abilities to give you an edge in battle.

– Unique checkers-style gameplay mixed with highly satisfying combo fighting action
– Checkers-style gameplay mixed with highly satisfying combo fighting action
– Epic boss battles
– Use different abilities to give you an edge in the battlefield
– Variety of different enemies, each with their unique attacks
– Useful items that can aid you in life and death situations
– Guarantee you haven’t tried a game like this!

RPG: Experience a deep and rewarding RPG progression system as you level up your character, unlock new abilities, and customize your playstyle.
Adventure: Embark on an epic adventure to save your homeland from the evil ninjas. Explore a variety of different environments, battle powerful enemies, and complete challenging quests.
Puzzle: Solve challenging puzzles to progress through the game and unlock new areas.
Strategy: Use your wits and strategy to outsmart your enemies in battle.
Offline: Play Combo Koala offline anytime, anywhere.

If you’re a fan of RPGs, puzzles, and action games, then Combo Koala is the perfect game for you!

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– Exciting Announcement: Easter Extravaganza is here!
Defeat 5 Boss stages using the power of Tag Team in our thrilling new event!
– Introducing the Legendary Hero: Bunny Ranger!
Unleash explosive Easter Eggs with their incredible Combo Skill!
Happy Easter and get ready for an egg-citing adventure!

Happy Easter!

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