Plant ID & Disease Identifier

Yehonatan Duan
Last updated: 16 Oct 2023

Take care of your plants with a powerful combination of AI and an extensive database of 33,000+ classes of plants, you can expertly tend to your garden, keep track of its progress, and receive vital reminders. Ready for your gardening journey to flourish?

What is “Plant Identifier & Diagnosis”?

► Plant Identifier & Scanner
Harness the power of AI to identify over 33,000 classes of plants, flowers, and leaf varieties. Snap a picture or enter the name to unveil the plant’s secrets. Our identification tool is the garden guide you’ve always wanted, making it fun and educational to explore your surroundings.

► Disease Diagnosis & Treatment
Don’t let plant sickness be an enigma. Identify diseases early, understand their severity, and receive the right treatment plans. Our AI-powered disease diagnosis is the doctor your plants need for a precise diagnose and a swift recovery.

► Plant Search
Simply type in the name of the plant you’re interested in and let our extensive database do the rest. You can add these searched plants directly to your virtual garden and get personalized care instructions for each one. It’s like having a botanic encyclopedia and a green thumb at your fingertips. Discover new plants, learn about their care needs, and seamlessly incorporate them into your own garden.

► AI Plant Care Guide
Don’t guess, know exactly what your plant needs with our AI assistant. Get detailed care instructions including the optimal amount of water, light, and fertilizer your plants require to thrive. We provide all the essential information in one place for your convenience.

► Water Reminders & Tracker
Never miss a watering session again. Set personalized reminders for watering your plants right in the app. Make plant care a breeze and watch as your green companions thrive.

► Your Nature Encyclopedia – Informative Articles
Expand your knowledge about the plant kingdom with our extensive library of informative articles. Discover fascinating facts about plant growth, learn about the health benefits of different flowers, and unravel the mysteries of plant disease diagnosis.

Subscriptions are available weekly or monthly for unlimited access to all features. The subscription automatically renews unless turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period.

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Join us on a journey to become a true gardening guru. Everything you need is just a tap away with “Plant Identifier & Diagnosis”. Let’s grow together!


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