Swifty Compiler

Hassan Taleb
Last updated: 16 Oct 2023

Write and run Swift code easily and professionally!

Swifty Compiler app is a great way to get an algorithm or method down on the go and make sure it works.

You can use it as a playground to test Swift code quickly or review concepts.

Free Features:
• Credits limit⁽¹⁾: 10 credits per day
• Import Swift file
• Open Playground file and import its Swift files
• Share Swift file, Playground file or text directly to app
• Code Snapshot (PNG, JPEG, HEIC or PDF)
• Font size
• Line spacing
• Auto indentation
• Suggest completions
• Auto closing
• Error highlighting
• Bracket highlighting
• Line highlighting
• Code block selection
• Cursor position
• Snippets
• Extra keyboard buttons
• Comment selection
• Markdown comments
• Duplicate code
• Move line up / down
• Shift right / left
• Jump to line
• Jump to selection
• Keyboard shortcuts
• Support multitasking on iPad
• Support dark / light mode
• Support share extension
• Alternate app icons
• No Ads

Premium Features:
• Unlimited credits⁽¹⁾
• Share as Swift File
• Save as Swift file to Files app (iCloud or local drive)
• Auto save last input
• Unlimited Undo / Redo
• Code formatting
• Add documentation
• Syntax correction⁽²⁾
• Optical character recognition (OCR)
• Abstract syntax tree (AST)
• Multiple Swift versions
• Fonts pack
• Invisibles
• Create / Edit custom snippets
• Create / Edit custom keyboard buttons
• No watermark on code snapshot

1. 1 Credit = 1 Code Execution
2. OpenAI key is required.

Feel free to reach us out if have any suggestions or ideas.

– Email: [email protected]
– Twitter: @hassantaleb90
– Telegram: @hassantaleb

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