Fate Corridor

Last updated: 17 Oct 2023

Hundreds of years ago, in a distant world, it was engulfed by a devastating magic war, and the civilizations of various races were nearly wiped out. Players will embody a brave adventurer, immersing themselves in the exploration of this mysterious world. Guided by fate, you will seek your own story and embark on an extraordinary journey.

Game Features:

Diverse and Multifaceted Companion System: In “Fate Corridor,” you will encounter companions from various races. They have distinct personalities, different skills, and magic. Through soulful communication and seamless cooperation with your companions, you will form your strongest adventure team.

Rich and Varied Life System: In addition to adventure, players can return to their homes in their spare time and engage in a variety of activities such as farming, mining, and fishing. By participating in these activities, players can obtain valuable resources to enhance their characters and increase their strength.

Strategic Card Battles: Combat is one of the core gameplay elements in “Fate Corridor.” Players will cleverly use skills and magic, perform combos, and devise strategies to defeat formidable enemies in card battles. In each battle, your companions will fight alongside you to fend off unknown threats.

Explore the Mysterious World: “Fate Corridor” holds countless mysteries and treasures. During your adventure, you will journey through misty forests, ancient ruins, mysterious labyrinths, and other various scenes, unveiling the enigma of this mysterious world.

Social Interaction and Guild System: In the game, you can not only communicate with NPCs and meet various interesting characters but also join guilds and team up with other players for adventures. In the guild, you will make friends with like-minded companions, challenge powerful world bosses, and win generous rewards.

“Fate Corridor” will take you on an adventure through fate, exploring unknown wonders and challenges. In this mysterious 2D world, you will write your own legendary story. Are you ready? Embark on your adventure, step into the “Fate Corridor”!


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1. 新しい写真アルバム「Dynamic Lens」を追加しました
3. 最大リバウンドダメージを攻撃されたキャラクターの体力に制限します。
5. 「回廊」ゲームプレイには、新しい自動スキップ戦闘設定が追加されました。
6. 新たに追加された龍骨エッセンス変換体力処方
8. カスタマイズされたフォトアルバムの宝箱は、指定されたフラグメントにすばやく変換できます
9. クライアントのパフォーマンスの最適化 (省電力、スムーズさ)

1. Added new photo album “Dynamic Lens”
2. Added new full-body dynamic effects: Olga, Freya, Misora Ruki, and Ara UR
3. Limit the maximum rebound damage to the health of the attacked character.
4. Adjust the number of daily assistances in “Multiplayer Destiny Corridor” to 2 times (friendship points doubled)
5. The “corridor” gameplay has a new automatic skip combat setting.
6. Newly added dragon bone essence-converting physical strength formula
7.Fix the name change exception
8. Customized photo album treasure chests can be quickly converted into designated fragments
9. Optimize client performance (power saving, smoothness)

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