Fish Clash! – Eat or be eaten

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Last updated: 15 May 2024

Fish Clash! – Eat or be eaten is a casual fish eat fish survival game. In this game, you will become a small fish and try to survive in the ocean. You need to devour fish food and other fish to grow and level up, eventually becoming the ruler of the mystical ocean. In Fish Clash! – Eat or be eaten, you can experience the wonders and brutality of the ocean. You will encounter ocean treasures, drift bottles, whirlpools, and various random events. Besides, you will also encounter other fierce fish, and one wrong move can make you someone else’s prey. If you want to join this marvelous adventure, come and experience it now!

Game Features:
Thrilling survival mechanics
Players will take on the role of a small fish and engage in battles with others in the ocean to survive. Remember, it’s a world of survival of the fittest, and you must remain vigilant at all times.

Diverse fish and skills
There are dozens of different fish waiting for you to discover and unlock. Each fish has various special skills, and using them strategically will help you survive longer.

Use your brain
Strength is undoubtedly crucial for survival, but employing clever strategies can help you escape in critical moments. For example, using skills at the right time, snatching prey and food from others, luring your enemies to more formidable foes, and more.

Dominate the leaderboards
You can accumulate points by preying on other fish and compete with players from around the world to see who truly reigns as the ocean master.

Unlock mysterious sea areas
In Fish Clash! – Eat or be eaten, you can unlock unknown sea areas by collecting different types of fish. Each sea area is unique and holds special fish species waiting for you to discover.

Fish Clash! – Eat or be eaten is a true underwater survival game where players engage in battles with other fish while also guarding against other fish trying to snatch their “”spoils.”” It requires a combination of intelligence, strength, and luck. If you enjoy dominating the ocean and exploring the unknown, what are you waiting for? Join the world of Fish Clash now!

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App Store

1. Added a sign-in event where you can unlock Swordfish directly after signing in for 7 days!
2. Added a new gameplay feature, the Aquarium, where you can raise unlocked fish. The higher the quality of the fish, the higher the earnings~
3. Introduced a new evolution gameplay for the fish, where evolving different parts of the fish significantly enhances their attributes.
4. Improved some functionalities

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